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We are a leading London law firm specializing only on EEA applications. We are based in London and are situated within a minute walk from Chancery Lane station. Our team of expert immigration lawyers have over 15 years’ experience in EEA visa applications.

EEA Family Permit

If you are not an EEA national but are related to one, this permit is for you. The EEA family permit is for non EEA nationals who are related in certain ways to EEA nationals and are looking to join them in the UK.

We aim at building and establishing a decent working relationship with our clients and guarantee that we place a very high emphasis on client care. Rendering immigration services is not a mere tick box exercise, it requires been proactive and forward thinking; and that is what our lawyers stand for at EEA Visas. Where there is an issue, 9 times out of 10, we will discover an answer. We are able to perceive challenging circumstances before they occur. Please feel free to contact our expert EEA Visa lawyers on our telephone number on +44(0)20 3540 7770 for our London office. Our office is at 1st Floor, Holborn Gate, 330 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7QT.

Individuals who fall under the EEA regulations and qualify to apply include spouse or civil partners, Unmarried partners (if you are in a “Durable relationship”), Other Family members ( Children or grandchildren or both you and your spouse or civil partner, if under 21 years of age; Grandparents of both you and your spouse or civil partner).

EEA Family Permit Requirements (for non-EU citizens in the UK)

The following are some of the requirements necessary to apply for an EEA Family Permit

  • The EEA national must be in the UK and are exercising their Treaty rights in the UK (this means that may be either employed, studying or self-sufficient, etc)
  • Where they are a couple, they must be in a legally recognised marriage or in a civil partnership with each other
  • There must be evidence of contact and communication
  • There must be evidence of an intention to live with each other

Conditions of the EEA Family Permit

A permit would normally be issued for 6 months. In this period, the non EEA national is able to work full time without restrictions. It is however expected that the EEA national applies for a Residence Permit during this time which will allow them to stay on for 5 years.

Conditions of the Permit

Generally the EEA Family permits grants leave to remain for up to 6 months allowing for little or no employment restrictions for the duration of the 6 months period. It is important that the EEA national submits an application for a Residence Permit together with thier spouse or civil partner at the same time for a Family Permit.


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The Home Office is proposing to charge UK businesses seeking to employ non-EU workers £1000 for every skilled worker they employed. This, according to the Home Secretary, would cut down Tier 2 migrants by 20%. The Tier 2 visa route is designed for skilled non-EU workers who have gained employment by an employer who is willing to sponsor them.

The Institute of Directors (IoD) urged the Government to dismiss this proposal, claiming that it will have an adverse effect on small firms seeking to bring in skilled workers in certain key areas where it is evident that we have shortages. Key sectors like teaching, IT and nursing will be affected.

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